An Annotated Portfolio & Project Documentaries

Sixteen. Miscellaneous tree art

This piece was used onstage as a prop for a live theater performance. It was part of an "underworld" scene. The actor climbed up on it (I was in the audience), and it held her up. The legs are each old Lodgpole tree trunks. The seat is a Lodgpole slab.view shows the end with the Douglas fir burled post closer to the camera. These two photos were taken shortly after the table was placed in the Creighton Block Gallery, downtown Virginia City, Montana. I documented the table making with a blog (35 posts and over 120 photographs). You can visit the blog at



Both the base and the post of this sculpture stand are of burled Lodgepole pine tree trunks. The top is a cross-cut section of Lodgepole cut after a standing dead tree was felled. The post is deeply inlaid into the base and also inlaid into the top.


The legs are all little (old), gnarly Lodgepole tree trunks. The top is upholstered with leather and tacks. A best friend commissioned this foot stool for his wife. It's now is use in the home in Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico.


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