An Annotated Portfolio & Project Documentaries

Five. Kaiser House burled settee

This is one of the first tree art pieces I made after moving from Mill Valley, California, to Philipsburg, Montana, in 1989.  It was made for a newly restored, historic building on the main street of town, the Kaiser House, a restaurant at that time.
I found all the burled trees in a stand near Stewart Lake, miles above the town.  It was a small, but enchanted, mountainside.  These days I don’t work much with burls, so that makes pieces like this one special.  The seat and partial backrest are Lodgepole pine planks.  Most of the joinery is hand cut, round mortises and tenons.  The flattened burls on the backrest were quite comfortable.
It was sold years ago, but I still have fond memories of making it.


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