An Annotated Portfolio & Project Documentaries

Six. Selected tables

     Here’s a selection of photos, a small sampling of the many different kinds of tables I’ve made, excluding dining tables. 

This table is made from a section of "The Bee Tree"--a Ponderosa pine that was standing dead (after 500 plus years of life) and hollow, except for a huge colony of honey bees.

This sofa table combines a limb from "The Bee Tree" with a thick piece of glass. It is in the same room as the hollow Ponderosa round table also shown in this post.

A small coffee table with a complicated undercarriage. All the legs and bracings are naturally grown Lodgepole pine tree trunks, joined with dowels, round mortises and tenons, and glue.

The little table at the bottom of the stairs is made of Lodgepole pine--a thick, gnarly slab with four legs made of tree trunks. A thick glass top was cut to match the contours of the slab.

An oval hallway table of Lodgepole pine. The top is a single piece. The legs and bracings are all naturally grown tree trunks. The legs are turned upside down.

The petals in the top are each a colorful slab of Lodgepole pine, each hand cut to fit its mate on each side. It was made to be a display table at outdoor sports shows, so the top is detachable from the post.


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